A typo in our Executive Director's email address in the previous newsletter has given us another opportunity to reach out and explain our mission and how you can help us.

Our goal at the HPV Cancers Alliance is to spread knowledge to save lives. Because there is so little awareness about HPV and its six associated cancers, we try to educate cancer patients, people with high-risk HPV, and the medical community. We want to reach as many people as possible in as many ways as possible so that no patient with an HPV Cancer will get misdiagnosed, or diagnosed very late. We want anyone who finds out they have high-risk HPV to know what they can do to boost their immune system to prevent the HPV from progressing to cancer, and we also want to erase the stigma of HPV Cancers.

Outreach and Events

Our Executive Director, Lillian Kreppel, has networked with and spoken to many organizations, including medical communities, to spread awareness. In addition, our founders, Lillian Kreppel and actress Marcia Cross, have participated in numerous online events that have reached a wide audience.
This month, for example, Lillian and Marcia participated in a popular event for National Girlfriend's Day. They talked about their anal cancer diagnoses and how it brought them together as friends and as advocates for others. They emphasized that if someone feels that something is wrong in their body, they need to keep going to doctors until they get the right diagnosis and treatment. They emphasized that we need to listen to our bodies and advocate for ourselves.

Explaining Important Research

It is truly wonderful that so much research is being conducted now on HPV and its associated cancers. But it's difficult for patients to keep up with this ever changing information. Not only are important medical studies often inaccessible behind paywalls, but it can be difficult for a patient already traumatized by a recent diagnosis to digest multiple lengthy medical research papers. We try to keep patients informed by letting them know about important recent research with easy to digest explanations at our website.
Most recently we explained an important phase II trial that showed that AHCC may support the immune system to clear high-risk HPV.
Another important publication was by renowned oncologist Cathy Eng and her colleagues. They published an article providing an overview of recent research and findings regarding the treatment of anal cancer. We hope that our explanation of recent research on treating anal cancer can help overwhelmed anal cancer patient advocate for themselves and ensure that they receive the best possible treatment.

Interviews with Experts

We also interview experts on HPV cancers and share their opinions and advice in order to help patients. Below, for example, is our interview with Dr. Paul Romesser, a radiation oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering with an expertise in treating anal cancer.

Help Us Realize Our Mission

We are grateful for any donation you can make. You can donate individually, but you can also donate through your employer to amplify the donation.

Amplify Your Donation

Workplace Grant Matching

Did you know that many employers will match your donation?

In our newsletter we featured an anal cancer survivor who is HIV positive. His cancer journey was an especially difficult one, but he found help through the HPV Cancers Alliance. He found valuable information at our website and reached out to our Executive Director, Lillian Kreppel, who then personally supported him through his journey

When his treatment ended, he wanted to give back, and to amplify his donation with an employer matching grant. His employer, the iconic fashion house Ralph Lauren, has a history of generous charitable giving and a matching grant program. Maybe your employer does too.

To find out if your company has a matching grant program, look for a matching grant program at your employer's intranet portal. If you don't see one:
  • Go to the Charity Navigator
  • Enter your Corporations Name under “See if your employer will match your donation!”
  • Click the button to:
    • Go to matching gift form
    • See guidelines
You may also reach out directly to your human resources department.

If your company uses a matching grant application where we are not yet registered, reach out to our executive director Lillian Kreppel at [email protected] for assistance.
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